Chevron Soccer Academy presented by Open Goal Project


In 2018, Chevron proudly partnered with Open Goal Project to launch the Chevron Soccer Academy. Our mission is to create accessible soccer opportunities for youth by providing the know-how and support players need to learn and grow, both on and off the pitch.

Now, we’re bringing Chevron Soccer Academy’s same professional-level training to you online. Use this site as a resource to practice soccer at home and on your own. We can’t wait to see you show off your new skills in‑person the next time we meet!

training videos

Check out the videos below for our at-home virtual training series, including our featured session of the week.
While you practice, show off your new skills on social media with the hashtag: #ChevronSoccerAcademy.

with jordan o’brien

These drills are all about setting a foundation for dribbling.

5-cone drill
with lauren sesselmann

These more-advanced movements will help you fine tune your ball control.

skill moves
with milton blanco

These drills can help you get past defenders during one-on-one situations.

passing & receiving
with víctor bernárdez

Use these drills to better link up with your teammates.

ladder drills
with shawna gordon

These agility exercises are designed to improve balance and quickness.

the coaches

Meet the world-class pros you’ll be learning from.
To see their bios, simply click the pictures.

amir lowery

amir lowery

víctor bernárdez

víctor bernárdez

milton blanco

milton blanco

shawna gordon

shawna gordon

lauren sesselmann

lauren sesselmann

jordan o'brien

jordan o’brien

chevron soccer academy

Visit the main Chevron Soccer Academy landing page to learn more about our programs and explore past events.


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